Consultant Urologist

Minimally Invasive Urological Oncologist

Robotic Urologist

M.B.B.S., M.S.(Surgery), DNB(Urology), M.Ch(Urology)(Bombay)

Fellow society international urology

Ex. Faculty (NIMS), Robotic Training Atlanta, Georgia USA


Call/SMS/Whats app : 8985325177/8886907233 :Email: urologyhyd@gmail.com


Dr M.Gopichand is a experienced urologist based in hyderabad who believes in professional, advanced, evidence based medical and operative management of all adult and pediatric urologic conditions in a compassionate and patient centered approach. He has experience in the latest minimally invasive robotic ,laser stone & prostate and laparoscopic surgical procedures. Our goal is to provide care and education for our patients illnesses including stone disease, prostate diseases, urological cancers, paediatric urology diseases,impotence, & infertility, and female urology.

Urology Services


Modern treatment includes flexible ureterorenoscopy(retrograde intrarenal surgery),ESWL,percutaneous nephrolithotomy,mini perc.This center has both expertise and facilities for all the advanced procedures which enables safer & easier treatment, early to home and early to work and also pocket friendly .

Laser Prostate treatment

Laser holmium 100watts is the standard care treatment in stone and prostate surgery worldwide. He has both expertise , machinery and tools to perform laser stone and prostate surgery. Patient can go home faster and more safely and with less blood loss ,lesser hospital stay and also can resume work earlier.

Male & Female urology

Urinary control is the commonest problem in both male and female in all age groups. Our center specilalizes in treatment of this difficult problem both with medicines and surgery in both male and females of all age groups.

Urologic Oncology

He specializes in urological cancer management with his training being in best of centers in Bombay. Cancer kidney can be dealt with minimally invasive ways like laparoscopy and robotic surgery. With his experience ,he is the ideal uro-oncological surgeon for management of cancer kidney in which he specializes in partial kidney removal & nephron sparing surgery. Cancer prostate can dealt with surgery, robotic surgery, radiation and medical and hormonal intervention. He has one of the highest single center experience of management of urological cancer including radical nephrectomy,radical prostatectomy, radical cystoprostatectomy with urinary diversion.

Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery

Robotic surgery or robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery is the best method for complete surgical removal of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles. Kidney cancer, pyeloplasty (repair of pelvi-ureteric junction).donor nephrectomy in kidney transplantation, The procedure is performed laparoscopically and also using the da Vinci ROBOTIC Surgical System.

MEN'S HEALTH - Awareness.Prevention.Education.Family

Male Sexual health is a source of concern and worry for many men. Yet, some people are too shy to talk to their doctors about sex. Others wrongly think that sexual problems are a normal part of aging. No matter what your age, talk to this doctor if you have erection problems.a center for male infertility with facilities like ivf,icsi and a top infertility gynaecologist making this a holistic center for infertile couple. Center specilalizes in painless , under anaethesia no scalpel vasectomy. .

Pediatric Urology

Urology is a subspecialty of Urology. Our Pediatric Urology Department focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and aquired urological conditions and diseases in children. Our Pediatric Urologists treat conditions of the male reproductive tract and the male and female urinary tracts like puj obstruction.